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131102 Infinite arrival @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

Just a run through of what happened at the hotel.

  • When Dongwoo entered the hotel, he looked shocked(?), when he saw us
  • Sungjong’s bed hair (that’s all I’m going to say. lol)
  • Sungyeol with his hood on just walked off, but did waved at us a little (maybe he was tired at that time)
  • Sunggyu was waving and bowing to the fans
  • Myungsoo was bowing his head and everyone was chanting “Myungsoo” “Myungsoo Oppa” and after a few seconds he decided to look up and wave
  • Woohyun initiated the greeting and waved at us.
  • Hoya was the last one to enter. He was walking slowly and was waving like a kid

That’s what happened to my adventure yesterday. I have a fancam, but it was too shaky. Too many feels. Too bad I didn’t see them walked out the presscon venue since I went home already, but they said Infinite is in the good mood and wave at the fans.

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